Jadon’s Hope Foundation Donates 15 Items to Cure SMA Equipment Pool

Cure SMA recently recieved a donation of nine special tomato feeder seats and six telescopic ramps from Jadon’s Hope Foundation. The feeder seats and ramps were immediately sent out to families who were on a waiting list for either item.

Jadon’s Hope Foundation was created by Tony and Kristin Burks, in honor of their son, Jadon, who has SMA type I. In the last three years, Jadon’s Hope Foundation has donated 35 tomato seats and 11 telescopic ramps for the Cure SMA equipment pool. All of these items are currently on loan to SMA families.

Thank you to the Burks family and donors to Jadon’s Hope, Cure SMA is incredibly grateful for your continued support.

Cure SMA Equipment Pool

Through our equipment pool, Cure SMA loans necessary medical equipment free of charge. Because of the support from generous donors like Jadon’s Hope, we lent 238 pieces of equipment to SMA families in 2016.

To learn more about how you can donate to our equipment pool, or to learn more about how you can request an item for loan, please visit our equipment pool page or email us at [email protected]

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